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  • Tried and tested expertise, many years of experience, a lot of patience, humor and joy in teaching

  • Individually adapted, proven methods

  • harmonizationof technique and musicality, spirit and emotion, structure and freedom

  • All musical styles, with an emphasis on jazz, improvisation and applied music theory

  • Students of all skill levels welcome


Since 30 years I pass on my skills to pupils and students.

I've had 20 years of conservatory teaching experience. My graduates are now successful musicians and/or music teachers themselves.

My lessons take place by appointment in various classrooms in 1040 or 1060 Vienna.



Individual lesson of 50 minutes .... € 55,-

Block of four ... € 210,-

Block of ten ... € 495,-

Group lessons ....from € 70,-

Trial lesson .... € 25,-


Susanna, vocal coach, Vienna


"When I started taking piano lessons with Berthold, I never imagined what was possible for me. His way of teaching provided a mixture of enormous confidence that everything can be done and learned and a clear line and structure that enabled me to play even complicated pieces with ease.

And that was certainly not just because of my talent ;) 

But what was most important for me and was made possible by Berthold was to find freedom in playing a wide variety of rhythms and styles and trust in my own creativity.



Lana, Vocalist - Songwriter - Producer, New York


"Berthold was a long time family friend and musical collaborator and when I wanted to expand my musical knowledge into Jazz piano, it was only natural to want to study with him. His lessons were fun, interesting, informative and helped me gain confidence in playing Standards and in the area of Jazz harmony and improvisation. I would highly recommend Berthold as an educator to anyone and everyone!"

Saeid, pianist, world music musician, Vienna

"By distancing yourself from a mountain, its grandeur can be better understood. It's now been 5 years since I graduated and every time that I go through my memories with Berthold, there is still something to learn from him.

He was always the right teacher that I needed.
As a student I could always ask my questions and always were available the answers with open-mindedness, which always fascinated me. It was a great time working with you. "

Fritz Isaak Steiner, composer, guitarist and teacher, Vienna


"[...] Despite a humorous atmosphere in the lessons, the basics of professional piano playing were not neglected, but Berthold also encouraged the creative aspect of playing - his students had a fine touch and it always sounded musical - regardless of the level of difficulty always. Berthold encouraged his students' self-confidence - although music requires solid technology, it is not a competitive sport and should not sound like one.

Whether classical, jazz or pop - the sounds can trigger deep emotions - and Berthold Föger can convey this knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere. And last but not least: he has all the pianistic tricks and stylistics!"

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